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There are a variety of reasons why a page on the CreationWiki might be protected. Most administrative in nature as indicated when the filename begins with CreationWiki:, such as those related to CreationWiki:policy. Users may also request protection by using one of our prepared templates or by contacting a CreationWiki admin. The following are the guidelines for user-requested protection.

See Help:Protected pages for help on protecting pages, or view the log of protected files.

  • 3 Day Protection: All editors are asked to avoid editing new articles for a minimum of three days after their creation (except for typos, grammar, or formatting help). This is a courtesy to allow authors an opportunity to finished their intended work.
  • 30 Day Protection: It is permissible that authors of works in progress request a 30 day hold on other editors while an article is under construction. This should be done by placing the Active edit template at the top of the article in question. To use the template simply type or paste {{Active edit|Date=insert date of uploading}} at the top of the article you wish protected.
  • Permanent Protection: In rare cases, articles may be granted permanent protection status. However, this is generally considered a violation of the purpose of a collaborative site like the CreationWiki, and is typically reserved for administrative pages. Contact the CreationWiki administrators to request a permanent protection status. In your request, you must provide written justification for disallowing other editors from contributing to the work.

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