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The following is a brief list of guidelines for newcomers to the CreationWiki. See CreationWiki:Policy for additional information.

  1. Editors may not reverse actions or edits made by the CreationWiki administrators.
  2. It is not permitted to delete content where you are at odds. For example: old earth creationists should not edit young earth content or vice versa. Instead you should simply add to what has been previously written with explanatory headings.
  3. Do not edit new articles until a minimum of three days after their creation (except for typos, grammar, or formatting help).


  1. If you wish to leave reviewer comments regarding a particular article, please use the 'discussion' link at the top of every page.
  2. All reviewers are expected to behave in a civil manner. Personal attacks are not tolerated and will result in account suspension.


  1. Use lowercase when creating an internal link to a new page, unless capitals are appropriate as in the case of a name or proper title (e.g., Jonathan Sarfati). Page links in this website are case-specific. The first word in the title of a page link is automatically capitalized: e.g., [[natural selection]] will link to [[Natural selection]]
  2. Don't use long titles when creating an internal link to a new page. Use titles that are simple yet descriptive (one or two words).


  1. References should be provided for all submitted materials within the text and a full citation provided under a "Related References" heading following the article. For specific instruction see the style guide.
  2. When referencing Scripture, use a template such as {{Bible quote}} or {{Bible ref}} to link to the specific chapter and verse at Bible Gateway and note which Bible translation is being used.


  1. Write dates in the format of "Month Day Year", e.g. "June 2nd 2005". This keeps dates in a format that will be understood internationally.
  2. Use the CreationWiki Templates where applicable to provide consistency among related pages.

Edit Summaries

  1. Users are asked to provide the monitoring Admins and other users a brief summary of each edit in the "Summary" field below the edit window.
  2. If your change to a page is small, such as correcting grammar or spelling mistakes, then please check the "This is a minor edit" box at the bottom.


  1. All files uploaded to the CreationWiki must be free of copyright. For assistance in locating usable images, browse through our collection of links to sites with public domain and Creative Commons Licensed images.
Please note - people who commit vandalism, or intentionally violate CreationWiki policy will be banned by IP.