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Editors should recognize that the creationist community is divided on a great many issues, and disagreements will arise. Nevertheless, those that put forth effort in the development of the CreationWiki should be considered fellow missionaries in the creation vs. evolution worldview conflict and treated with the utmost respect. Editors should never engage in personal attacks or post derogatory comments directed at fellow editors or the creationist community at large.


Editors are asked to avoid altering new articles until a couple of days after their creation. This is a courtesy to allow authors an opportunity to finished their intended work and avoid edit conflicts. See CreationWiki:Protection for more information on page protection.


Before you make major changes to an article it is advisable to find out how others would react. "Discussion" pages are used to discuss the content of articles with other editors. By clicking on the discussion link at the top of the article (or elsewhere on the page), you can read or add comments on a "talk" page associated with that article. If you are not convinced that the information in an article is correct, the discussion pages can be used to request verification or citations from the original author. Using the discussion pages can prevent editors from stepping on toes, and help avoid conflicts. See CreationWiki:Discussion for discussion page policy.

Edit Summary

Before saving your changes, users often enter a very brief summary of their change(s) in the Edit summary box. The Edit Summary box can be found below the edit window between the Save and Preview buttons. For example, if you just enter "typo", the administrators will know you made a minor spelling or punctuation correction, or some other small change. See: edit summary help.

You can mark an edit as "Minor edit" by checking the appropriate box before you save. This is used to show others that your edit is not something substantive. There's no strict guideline on when to do this, but certainly spelling corrections and minor format changes are minor edits. Changing page content is not considered a minor edit.