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Peer review

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Our active community of editors regularly uses tools such as the Recent Changes and New Pages feeds to monitor new and changing content. While readers may correct errors or engage in casual peer review, CreationWiki is not uniformly peer reviewed. However, by following the procedures outlined below, you may improve the chances of yours or another article receiving active feedback.

Procedures for Requesting Peer Review

  1. Insert the article's title below under the section heading Submitted for Peer Review. You can start a new page by using our handy starter page, or simply add a title to the list below, and convert it to an internal link by placing two bracket on either side (i.e. [[example title]] ). Then click on the title to proceed to the blank page and enter the manuscript.
  2. Type or paste {{review|date=insert date of uploading}} at the top of the article.
Editing and formatting help can be obtained by consulting the How to edit and Formatting help pages.

Submitted for Peer Review

The following CreationWiki articles have been submitted for critical review. To review or critique the article, open the article and choose the link titled Discuss this page.

Recommending Deletion


The purpose of this procedure is to identify a page as having been recommended for deletion, and thereby attract users to discuss the merits of the page. If you believe that a page has been created that does not contain an honest creationist perspective, or reflects negatively on the CreationWiki, please bring it to the attention of our editorial staff by recommending it our for deletion below.

To recommend a page for deletion from the CreationWiki:

1. Copy and paste the following template and place it at the top of the page you believe should be deleted.
2. Place the title as a Header on the CreationWiki:Recommend deletion page.

To preview the Recommend Deletion header visit Template:delete.

Pages should be recommended for deletion that are:

  • Copyright infringements - See Project Copyrights
  • Offtopic - This site is an archive for creation science related topics only.
  • Erroneous - The page content is overtly inaccurate.
  • Reflects negatively upon the credibility of the creationist community.
  • Empty - The page was started, but perhaps forgotten. We want to minimize dead links.
  • Inflammatory, profane, or in poor taste.
  • Pro-atheism perspectives.
  • Intentional acts of vandalism.

Related Policy

Main Article: Policy

Temporary Protection: It is advisable that authors of works in progress request a 30 day hold on other editors while an article is under construction. This should be done by placing the Active edit template at the top of the article in question. To use the template simply type or paste {{Active edit|date=insert date of uploading}} at the top of the article you wish protected.

Uploading Articles: Please upload original articles only. The CreationWiki discourages the use of this site to mirror works that exist elsewhere. Links to online article should be placed in the footer of a related articles under the heading - "External links".

All files uploaded to the CreationWiki must be free copyright restrictions, which generally means the copyright has expired or is uncopyrightable. The latter includes U.S. government publications. For assistance in locating usable images, browse through our collection of links to sites that contain public domain and Creative Commons Licensed images.

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