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Hinduism is one of the oldest religious traditions still practiced in the world today and deeply associated with astrology. Indo-European immigrants to the Indian subcontinent, called the Vedic peoples, constructed an Indian religion embodied within the Vedas (sacred Indian/Hindu texts).[1]

Minimally, the term has been used to designate those non-Buddhist, non-Jaina, non-Muslim, and non-Sikh forms of religious life in the Indian sub-continent which have in some (often rather loose) sense drawn inspiration from these groups of texts: the Vedas (prescriptions of a variety of types of ritual practice) and associated work on ritual theory; the books about social duty and political obligation of Manu and other works that pertain to the concept of dharma "duty"; the two epic stories, the Mahabharata, of which the Bhagavadgıta – Karna’s advice to Arjuna on the eve of battle – is a part, and the Ramayana, the story of Rama; and the Upanisads ("hidden teachings" about the self) and the commentaries on them.[2]

The Vedic peoples

The Vedic peoples were brought into Northern India from the north by the Aryan invaders after 1200 BC.

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