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New Age

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Sedona, AZ

The New Age movement consists of a number of separate but interrelated ideologies and the individuals who follow them. New agers often follow eastern religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism as well as various Pagan practices and forms of witchcraft -- often referred to by its followers as "Wicca".

New agers reject the nature of sin and their need for salvation and instead choose to believe in some form of reincarnation or salvation through works.



Crystal in New Age Store, Adelaide Australia

New agers often believe they can be healed through a number of unconventional practices such as the possession of "magic" crystals, strict adherence to specific diets, or prayer to various idols and false gods.


New age beliefs may include extraterrestrials -- although this is not always the case. New agers may believe that humanity evolved from or was created by aliens, that specific new age leaders have made contact with aliens, or that humanity will make contact with aliens in the future.

New Age Beverages


New agers often believe that all "good" people will go to heaven (although they may use other terms like Nirvana) or be reincarnated. Other new agers believe they can receive salvation through "saving knowledge" or through participating in new age rituals.

Non-human life

New agers often believe that animals have spirits and that they are equal -- or even superior -- to human life. For this reason many new agers are vegetarians or vegans; however, this does not mean all new agers are vegetarians or that vegetarianism is necessarily wrong. (see Romans 14:1-3)

New agers often also subscribe to various environmentalist ideologies such as Global warming or Gaia.

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