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Talk:Arguments against theistic evolution

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Exactly opposite? Not all... (and other stuff...)

1. In Genesis it said the earth was there before the Sun. Maybe, just to my theory, the "earth" that the Bible is referring to here, is the tiny, tiny ball very, very densely packed with energy before time began and the Big Bang. 2. The theory of evolution says that the Earth was mostly covered in water before any life began. 3. I have no idea about this one, but I think, that you can't take the orders of the Bible that seriously, because the chronological orders in the Bible can sometimes be confusing to me. 4. The Bible never said plants came before the Sun. 5. What is yom? Can you explain that more? 6. I don't mean to support evolution, and I disagree with evolution, but I'm just trying to help making the page better.unsigned comment by Clark‎ (talkcontribs)

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I would also just like to say, that perhaps there could be some focus on contextual exegesis about Genesis and how ancient peoples generally thought about the world. Under this way of gaining insight, the order is not consistent with modern day Big bang cosmological evolution because the ancient near east world was contemplating the functions of things around them. The organization of nature and its origins related to that, or how something in nature functions, is what ancients were concerned with. Genesis 1 I tend to think falls into this category, and is useful when combatting critics who use modern day theories to argue against the order of creation events in the book of Genesis. That is why we have the light or a function before its functionary or the sun. It is really an account of functional origins for the material natural objects, under the design of God, not necessarily and strictly trying to recount the material origins of the universe and life.--Tsommer 23:06, 3 December 2013 (EST)