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Introduction (Creationism vs. Science)

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The following is a response to the Introduction of Mr. Wong's series of articles titled young earth creationism, which are posted on the Creationism vs. Science website.

Since this is only a introduction to a series or articles we shouldn't expect much, but the way Mr. Wong starts it is some what silly. He is replying to an e-mail sent to him.

Granted, some of the arguments used are out-of-date and shouldn't be used, but Mr. Wong is overgeneralizing, which is a logical fallacy. He completely doesn't even try to to answer the arguments and is side-stepping.

There are several precise flaws in the article. First off, he claims "creationism vs. science". This is a logical fallacy; creationism is not against science, it is science.

Another example:

how strange that 100% of YECs just happen to belong to one particular religion

This simply isn't true. There are many YEC Muslims, Jews, and the author even knows a few YEC deists.