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Please feel free to delete this message from your user-talk page after viewing...


You have added a number of anticreationist links to creationwiki pages.

Are you a creationist?

Please discontinue any further edits until responding to this query. As is explicitly stated above and on the account request form, only creationist are permitted to edit articles on this website. --Mr. Ashcraft - (talk) 08:45, 12 March 2008 (PDT)

I am a creationist

Well in all evoltuionist websites they give links to creationist articles. Talk origins archive maintains an extensive list of creationistwebsites. If we go through an article in Talk Origins we can see a lot of links to creationist articles. We must also provide link to anticreationist websites since there are anticreationists who visit creation wiki. This is from talk origins archive. The archive's policy is that readers should be given easy access to alternative views, but those who espouse alternative views should speak for themselves. Hence, the archive supplies links to relevant creationist web sites within many of its articles.

Understood, but when a new user is more concerned more with anticreationist representation than anything else it calls into questions the intentions. My concerns about you remain. You should consider creating a biography detailing your views and Church history if any, and for the time being hold-off inserting any more anticreation material or links.

And you have removed the externel link to talk origins archive I provided in article about talk origins archive. Why?

There was already a link to the site within the body of the article. The other links in that list were to rebuttals of their claims.

Though Bad Astronomy contains anticreationist articles it has articles on many myths in astronomy like Conspiracy Theory.

I looked at it. Its seems almost exclusively about Conspiracy theory stuff.

--Mr. Ashcraft - (talk) 17:43, 12 March 2008 (PDT)