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Welcome to the CreationWiki!

We thank the Lord for your willingness to serve Him by participating in the development of this educational resource. The CreationWiki is a collaborative effort and your help is needed. Our hope is that by working together we can build an archive of knowledge that will spread the truth of His creation throughout the world.

All newcomers to the editorial staff are encouraged to visit the community portal where the following policy and help pages can be found. If you are looking for ways to become involved, check our help wanted page for projects that might interest you.

  • Policy - Before getting started please review our policies. (i.e. Only creationists are permitted to edit content pages - All article content must be supported by references.)
  • Creating a new page - Simply enter a title for your new article and click the "Create page" button. You will then be allowed to enter text in a new blank page.
  • Editing Help - If you are unfamiliar with the Wiki software, then authoring within the CreationWiki will require a little education. To help you get started view our how to edit page for some helpful instructions.
  • Formatting Help - To take the next step and learn how to accomplished more advanced features within your page view our formatting help page for instructions on how to format pictures, tables, etc.
Please feel free to delete this message from your user-talk page after viewing...

Welcome, from a long-time dual user!

Hi, there--it's your old friend from CP. Glad to have you on this team as well.

Poke around a bit and see what we've done here.

Be sure to check out Help:Semantics and a few pages that feature this technique:

Also, see the articles on our core themes:

And note what else we have: translations of many of our articles into foreign languages.

I've done a lot of Bible history on this site, too. Check my contribs and you'll see.

Looking forward to interacting with you.--TemlakosTalk 05:23, 24 February 2008 (EST)

Your user page image


I'm concerned that your use of that "Jesus Inside" image might not be strictly according to guidelines--Heartlight's or ours.

  1. They (Heartlight) want you to link to them. You did that in the Media Pool, and that's great as far as that goes. My concern is that Heartlight might actually want you to link to them on every page upon which that image appears.
  1. That kind of linking policy might not be what we want to encourage.

I won't take any action myself. Instead, I strongly recommend that you square your use of that image with Mr. Ashcraft.--TemlakosTalk 05:15, 25 February 2008 (EST)

Image use

the image I uploaded for my user page might not meet the usage guidelines of the site I took it from unless I link to them on every page that the image appears.

Our policy prohibits the use of images that are protected under copyright unless explicit permission is given. See Help:Upload for guidelines. When an author places a copyright label on an image it is almost always for the purpose of discouraging its use. I was unable to verify any permissions from the link provided.
When uploading 2 links are expected.
  • Under copyright status provide a "use permission" quote from the author plus a link to a page where the statement can be found if published.
  • Under source you should provide a link to a page that contains the image, so the source and identify of the image can be verified.

--Mr. Ashcraft - (talk) 19:44, 25 February 2008 (EST)