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Pavel Tikhonov
Pavel Tikhonov
Pavel Tikhonov
This user is male.
Truth fish.jpg This user is a Young-earth Creationist.
This user is Christian.
Dove.jpg This user is Pentecostal.

Note: to view my user page in Russian please visit the following page: ru:User:RussianProSvet.

Place of birth: Moscow, Russia.

Year of birth: 1975.

Marital status: married.

Children: four sons.

Level of education: third level.

Occupation: telecommunications engineer, system administrator.

Convictions: Pentecostal, young-earth Bible-believing creationist, advocate of legal protection of preborn children.

Hobbies: photography, collection of books, articles and documentaries (especially on the subjects of creation science and apologetics).


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