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Robert D. MacDonald
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About Me

I have a BSEE from Cedarville University (1997) and live in Kent, WA. I believe in the literal interpretation of Genesis with creation occurring in six 24-hour earth days in the recent past (around 6000 years ago).

This user may edit (and create) all regular pages and upload images. I plan to focus on Geology and evidences for a young earth and universe primarily but also have ideas about organizing existing creationist documentation and arguments through this wiki as a central hub to find information on any creationist topic.

Wiki Plans

Missing Geology pages:

James Hutton

James Hutton: the man who warped time by Russell Grigg at

St Hutton’s Hagiography -

Darwin’s illegitimate brainchild: If you thought Darwin’s Origin was original, think again! -

The man who made the wedge: James Hutton and the overthrow of biblical authority

The mythology surrounding James Hutton and Hadrian’s Wall -

salt dome

Collin Mitchell

submarine canyon Looks like not much detail on the canyon but added summary/review of book.

Portal:Geology/Things you can do

Write articles for any of the pages listed under Wanted pages.

Write or expand upon articles for the pages listed under Short pages. RM- I think it may make sense to leave short pages (with a brief description of the item and the reasoning for it being less controversial to write up for things that are not urgent to clarify the creation view e.g. potassium may be accurately describe by other online encyclopedias without spending our limited writing resources duplicating that effort here. We should have a way of tagging the priority level for completing our own full write up (e.g. P1=Creationists have unique views, P2=data contributes to a creationist argument, P3=no current contention regarding this so could just stay a stub). It would also help if there were external resources that were safe enough that we could simply link to their content on the item from here (e.g. a Christian college's minerals website or similar).

  • Descriptions of organisms such as Animals, Plants, Dinosaurs, Protists, Bacteria, Fungi, etc.
  • Biographies for Bible characters, such as those in the Biblical genealogy.

Missing articles appearing on Main/Portal Pages
Add more information or correct anything

Collaborative Projects: We have a number of big projects that require assistance.

  • Descriptions of creation organizations.
  • Biographies for creationists and creation scientists.
  • Reviews of creation videos and books.
  • Descriptions and subscription information for creation journals and magazines.

We are compiling responses to the Talk.Origins Archive

  • Index to Creationist Claims - responses to Index to Creationist Claims
  • Frequently Asked But Never Answered Questions - responses to FABNAQ.

Promote the CreationWiki by adding links or mentions on other sites.

Links to Creationist group lists of articles