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As a computer programmer, I worked for sometime in a division of the U.S. Geological Survey. While employed there, I was taught that the mission of the USGS was to never 'interpret' any of the data collected. The role of the agency was rather to 'compile and publish' Earth's resource data. This mention about a differentiation between 'compiling' and 'interpreting' is made because a reader of our website will quickly notice that more than a single interpretation of the spin and orbital phenomena is subsequently presented. It should here be mentioned, however, that the interpretations we present are not completely out of line with Survey policy. To be more specific about 'interpreting' Earth-Moon measurements, my research partner (Sherry Goodwin) has collected spin and orbital statistics taken in this 21st century, and we have turned to the pages of history to try and find a possible reason or explanation for them. This user may edit (and create) all regular pages and upload images.