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Born 1990. British-Italian Audio Technology student in Manchester (UK); studied at Scientific "Liceo" (equivalent of British high school and college combined). Musician, studied at Conservatorio di Musica of Castelfranco Veneto (Italy) (equivalent of College of Music). I have studied subjects as Latin (might be useful here, Thomas Aquinus et alteri), chemistry, biology, geology, religion, philosophy, history.

My OPINIONS (emphasis):

Political views: tendency towards left and anarcho-liberal views, in a non-ideological manner (my thoughts and views change with experience); critical towards mainstream parties and their members. Economy: interventionist when it comes to dealing with/avoiding economic crisis, but generally for free market

On major issues: Pro-choice, but do NOT recommend abortion if trivial/unnecessary, only in cases of RAPE and sexual violence, inability to provide etc. as a last resort. Pro-homosexual union (call it marriage if you wish, but in a secular way). Against violence in all of its forms.

Religion: similar to Unitarian Universalist with influence of Oriental philosophy: belief in the whole as Unity, Energy can be considered, in a way, a "divine force" that perpetrates the universe and life. I am "creationist" in a sense that, knowing that no energy is lost nor created, it is at the very base of what there is today; no Judeo-Christian/Muslim/etc God in particular, as in my opinion they all refer to the original "life force" and Energy that drives the whole, which has no name, as words are a human means of representing the world as we humans see it.

Science: science is about doubt and putting theories to the test (see Karl Popper's genius work). About doubting the truth of claims against solid evidence. Science advances by doubting past knowledge, like Galileo doubted common knowledge about the position of the Earth with respects to the Solar system, and Einstein doubted the absolute validity of newtonian physics. Science has shown man how one can come close to understanding phoenomena, and still be a billion miles away. Science does not preach absolute truth (sic) about the universe's mechanics. This goes for all theories. Science especially cannot explain the origin of the universe, nor can man. The big bang theory may well enough explain how it formed, but does not explain, and never will, the origin of the original spark.

Major issue according to CreationWiki: The Theory of Evolution is NOT a major issue in my opinion, as it is a falsifiable theory; microevolution is evident, macroevolution is an observed difference between species today (modern man, all the variety of mammals, birds etc.) and species present in the past (dinosaurs, sabertooth tigers etc from archeological evidence), and in itself is not a theory, merely the notion and field of evolutionary science that describes/studies such a change. This still does not mean there cannot be a creator/perpetrator that guides natural processes. Energy, as I said above, in my opinion, is such perpetrator: no energy, no universe, no life. One can call it whatever one wants, of course, because it does not have a name, nor will man ever understand it, it can just name it and say it did this and that, and it caused liberals to die and Andrew Schlafly to start On the other hand one can say it caused conservatives to die and vandals to appear on the aforementioned website. In my opinion, Energy (or God, Allah, Spaghetti Monster etc.) caused all of it: the good, the bad AND the ugly.