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I was raised in a solid Christian home and homeschooled up through high school. I am currently pursuing a multi-disciplinary in Biology, Chemistry, and Math in order to study Paleontology and Geology in graduate school and hope to go on to teach creation science at the college level. I have been studying creation science for about ten years, and I have debated a number of persons on the issue, from classmates to professors to double-doctorates online. I interpret the Bible more or less literally in all respects, whether that is the Virgin birth of Christ or a six (24 hour) -day creation week, but I allow that it is at least marginally possible that the genealogies in the Genesis account may not be entirely complete, and therefore allow that the earth could be as old as 10,000 years, however I personally see no reason either from scripture or science to stretch the age much past 7000 years old. I strive to maintain a humble and professional (even though I am not a professional scientist) approach to the subject, knowing that Christians are divided on this as well as a great many issues and that many have a much higher level of education than I do. I strive to learn more about the Truth! To reach a greater understanding of how the Lord created, and somehow try to learn more about him through that as well as worship and prayer. This user may edit (and create) all regular pages and upload images.