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User:Alexander Korolev

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Alexander Korolev
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About me

I am russian fundamental evangelic christian, the author and web-master of site of our Church. It has URL (it is pity, most of parts are not translated to english).

I am very interesting in the Creation Science (6th days of Creation) and using the science facts for the evangelism in the World Wide Web (in Russian of course). I'm using my ICQ account (with short testimony in details) and blogs, web-sites e.t.c.

My "english make up language" is not very good, but I understand english texts well.

I'm IT-specialist also, my experience is good in the following things:

  • Network Protocols
  • Voice over IP
  • OS Windows administration
  • Linux systems (not good, but not newbie)
  • Web technology (site creation, startup and supporting Wiki projects. HTML is perfect, editing of PHP and JavaScripts)

Somtimes I wrote articles in the Russian part of Wikipedia, my user page is

My current work is support of VoIP Products in "ALOE Systems" company

I am very interesting in creation of Russian Part of CreationWiki, as accumulator of articles and science facts in Russian.

My contributions