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The Quote template creates a colored box that is suitable for presenting quotes, and looks like the following. Using this template for purposes other than quotes should be avoided as the HTML code produced by this template identifies the contents of the box as being a quote.

Basic use

To use this template, place the following code on your page replacing the text "Place quote here" with the text that is desired in the colored box.

{{quote|Place quote here}}

The above code produces the following result.

Place quote here

Optional 'quotee'

You can optionally include a quotee by using the following syntax:

{{quote|author=Place author here|Place quote here}}

This produces the following result:

Place author here:
Place quote here


By default, the template will indent the quote, as is typical of printed quotes. However, if you include the parameter indent=no (or any value other than yes), the quote will not be indented.

{{quote|Place quote here|indent=no}}

This produces the following result:

Place quote here

Equals signs

As is the case with any MediaWiki template using unnamed parameters, inclusion of an equals sign (=) will cause problems. So when your quote text includes an equals sign (such as in many complex URLs), use the following format, starting the quote with 1=:

{{quote|1=Place quote here}}