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Talk:The Second Great Battle of Jericho

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I feel that, although this is a great article, it really doesn't have to do a whole lot with 'Creation'. It seems that one of the other Christians wikis, such as WikiChristian or Theopedia could handle this just fine. This is more in the Biblical apologetics section rather than specifically creation. --Tom 02:52, 19 November 2006 (EST)

This is an encyclopedia of materials relevant to the study of creation science. Allowable topics include almost anything of interest to someone with a creation worldview.
Biblical archaeology is not only related, it is a creation science discipline. We should probably even take steps to emphasize the importance of the discipline to the study of creation apologetics by creating an archaeology portal. I've added it to the portal menu, but questioning whether there is enough material available. I'll try - a namespace will need to be created.
If a article is posted that is truly off-topic, it should be recommended for deletion - CreationWiki:Recommend deletion.
--Chris 10:31, 19 November 2006 (EST)

Okay, fair enough. Maybe we should add that definition to the about page, as it currently reads "The CreationWiki is a free internet encyclopedia of creation science..." [1]. It doesn't mention, atleast from what I saw, anything like "materials relevant to the study of..."

Like I said, not criticizing the article or the author, just that it doesn't really fit with the about page definition. --Tom 13:38, 19 November 2006 (EST)

Thats what a topical encyclopedia is - a resource of "materials relevant to the study of...". I think the problem is that you perceive creation science to simply be science that supports the creation event, but that is incorrect. Creation science is any discipline or investigation that occurs under the presupposition that the world is created. We will allow any topics that are relevant to having a creation worldview, but Biblical young earth materials will remain predominant. As such, we want to strongly encourage people to post Bible articles, and certainly dont want to discourage them or sway them to alternatively post these things elsewhere.
Biblical archaeology, in particular, is a very important creation science discipline and one that I would like to see further developed on the Creationwiki. Do a quick search on the AiG or ICR websites for archaeology and you will certainly get many hits. Our local creationist group tends to have at least one archaeology seminar per year, and I try to arrange one such talk each year at the Seattle Creation Conference. I also have my creation apologetics class do a paper on an archaeology discovery each semester.

BTW - I'm going to setup all the portals with the same color scheme. I know that wikipedia has a different scheme for each, but I'm thinking that looks a little squirly. Nevertheless, I'm setting them up so the color schemes can be changed easily if we decide to...

--Ashcraft 00:53, 20 November 2006 (EST)

ah, that clarifies it a bit better. Sometimes 1 and 1 don't connect upstairs, lol ;-). Yeah, I wasn't thinking of Biblical archaeology in a young-earth way. *stubs toe on purpose*. --Tom 13:47, 20 November 2006 (EST)