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Talk:Pseudoscience in the American Journal of Physics

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There are a number of things in this article that are not clear to me. In particular, it's not clear what point it is trying to make:

  • Wikipedia quotes Entropy and evolution to show that "evolution does not violate" the 2nd Law.
  • "The second law does not apply to the evolution of stars". It doesn't (why not?), or Wikipedia claims it doesn't?
  • "The second law only applies to systems of non-interacting particles or entities." Huh? According to whom?
  • "The second law also does not apply to evolution ..." Isn't that what Wikipedia is claiming, which this article is claiming is incorrect?

Or is this article claiming that Wikipedia is making a correct claim (that evolution does not violate the 2nd law) but for the wrong reason? If so, I disagree (that evolution does not violate the 2nd law).

Philip J. Rayment 06:01, 1 February 2013 (PST)