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Talk:Natural selection

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Can we add the following? :-) It's a funny way of explaining the creationists definition of natural selection, the true definition. It might help lighten up the article a bit.

Say I go to Papa Johns to get pizza. I am a peculiar creature that happens to find himself in the exotic environment of college life, and needs to adapt to survive. For the example, lets say that the toppings on the Papa Johns pizza are examples of physical traits that are available in the genes of my species. Now I realize from the outset that this is a flawed example, because the animal (myself in the example) would not be choosing the traits/toppings. It is just a process that happens naturally by the death of other creatures that don't have that trait, hence the name. I understand that natural selection does not look ahead at the outcome and I am not trying to say that.
Anyways, when I go in the Papa Johns and I order a "large with one topping", I can add all kinds of things including pepperonis, mushrooms, sausage, etc. But one thing I will never see as a topping is koolaid. Now, I can have as many pepperonis and mushrooms and sausages as I want, or I could even ask for a pizza without cheese, but I can never ask for something Papa Johns doesn't offer. Maybe even by random chance, the pepperonis will be arranged in a circular and somewhat organized fashion, but it does not constitute a new type of topping that they do not offer.
Even if by chance a worker spilled koolaid on my pizza, it would be thrown out. Now one might say that it was a beneficial addition to the pizza because it added flavor. However, such a mutated pizza would be a disadvantage, since because of the definition of kool in koolaid, it would no longer be a hot pizza.
I know some of my fellow students like to eat mutated pizza, but I'm more of a pepperoni and sausage man myself. :-)
In other words, I have to select from what they (Papa Johns) makes available.

--Tom Major 18:09, 5 September 2007 (EDT)