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Articles and pictures are regularly featured for a period of time on the CreationWiki Main Page and Portals. Features should only remain for a few weeks and then replaced by another, therefore, recommendations from the CreationWiki editors are desired. To recommend an article or picture as a temporary "feature", post a comment here or on the associated talk page, where other members can weigh-in.


  • Gospel - Contains major categories for introduction of study of the gospels from an academic standpoint.
  • Ancient biography - A major literary genre in the ancient world, and that of the Gospels as well.
  • Metaphysics - A good article about a foundation branch of philosophy, and thus vital for apologetics.
  • Christ myth theory - Introducing the common arguments and degrees of skepticism within the Christ myth theory operating today in some circles and gaining more and more controversy


  • The {{Featured image}} template creates a label for pictures that are considered of exceptional quality and may have been included for a time on the main page or portal "feature" section.
  • The {{featured article}} template is to be used to label articles that are currently "featured" on either the main page or portal.