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Site ranking by search engines is largely determined by the number of incoming links. You could greatly help the CreationWiki by promoting the site to organizations, websites, or forums that are relevant to creation apologetics. By listing the CreationWiki on your website or submitting the address to other sites on the internet, our pages will be more likely to appear on search engine results. Consider using one of the following logos when promoting the CreationWiki.


The following graphic files have been prepared for web promotional purposes. Unless otherwise specified, they are low resolution GIF files with transparent backgrounds. Feel free to use them on your website or other advertising media. You could greatly assist the CreationWiki mission by promoting this valuable research tool on your creation science website, Christian discussion forums, or Christian banner exchange programs.

Large Logos

Old large logos

Small Logos

Old small logos


Discussion Forum Campaign

You might also consider advertising the CreationWiki on Creationism and Christian discussion forums. The following are discussion sites where the CreationWiki has been posted and others where we have not.


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