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Big Bend

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The term "Big Bend" usually refers to a bend in a river, generally so large that it is important to travelers and pioneers. There are a large number of areas with this name in the English Language. Some of these areas follow:

Ontario, Canada

Between Chatham,and London, Ontario, the Thames river makes a large hairpin curve. The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority established a conservation area there in 1964[1]. It is east of the Village of Wardsville. Location 42.640, -81.703.

Wisconsin, USA

Big Bend is a city in Wisconsin near a triangular turn in the fox river where the river turns from flowing east to flowing west. Location 42.565, -88.200.

There is a second town called Big Bend in Rusk County, Wisconsin, downstream from Bruce, where the Flambeau river makes a hairpin bend. The location is 45.345, -91.340.

Colorado, USA

The South Platte River flows north for a time, near Denver, Colorado, running parallel to the Front Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Somewhat downstream of Platteville, Colorado, the river makes a huge, ninety degree bend to flow east until it meets with the North Platte in Nebraska. This portion of the river is known to be a good place to find petrified wood. Part of the region near the curve is called the "Big Bend" area, and includes an old school building named after it.

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