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File list

Date Name User descSize Description Versions
05:38, 29 January 2007WesternLowlandGorilla.jpg (file)Brianh654.73 MB (Western Lowland Gorilla Cincinnati Zoo July, 2005 http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/41/Gorilla_019.jpg)1
09:19, 9 January 2007Saule_pleureur_cascade.jpg (file)Danderson3.95 MB (Willow tree)1
03:49, 7 January 2008Panama_golden_frog_eggs.jpg (file)Sangkim3.65 MB (Panama golden frog just got laid eggs.)1
00:27, 25 November 2007Wolf_spiders_courtin.jpg (file)Aton3.1 MB (A male wolf spider courts a female while barely hanging on to the edge of a leaf. )1
09:02, 9 January 2007Weeping_Willow.jpg (file)Danderson2.45 MB (Weeping willow)1
05:27, 24 March 2007BaldEagle2.JPG (file)Davelr2.09 MB (A bald eagle in captivity.)1
05:10, 24 March 2007DSC01907.JPG (file)Davelr2.02 MB (A bald eagle in captivity.)1
04:10, 23 April 2010Apollo_16.jpg (file)Mjohnson2 MB (An astronaut and lunar rover from Apollo 16 on the moon)1
03:57, 27 January 2015Lumholtz's_tree_kangaroo-01.JPG (file)Grantgilmore202 MB (Description English: Lumholtz's tree kangaroo (Dendrolagus lumholtzii) at David Fleay Wildlife Park, Burleigh Heads, Queensland. Date 17 October 2013 Source Own work Author DiverDave)1
19:34, 18 January 2012Origen.jpg (file)Ashcraft1.99 MB (Origen, church father. From Greek Wikipedia category:Church father)1
02:17, 27 October 2014Flerovium_Mach.jpg (file)RostikBor1.99 MB (Machinery used for the creation of Flerovium)1
02:45, 26 July 2010Skylla_sea_monster.jpg (file)Ashcraft1.98 MB (English: The sea-monster Skylla. Terracotta plaque, Melos, 460–450 BC. Found on Aegina. Français : Scylla. Plaque en terre cuite, Mélos, vers 460-450 av. J.-C. Provenance : Égine. category:ancient dinosaur depiction category:dragon)1
21:09, 19 May 2013Silybum_eburneum.jpg (file)Dresler11.98 MB (Supplier: Flickr: EOL Images Photographer: José María Escolano )1
03:51, 16 June 2008Haeckel_Lichenes.jpg (file)Aton1.98 MB (The 83rd plate from Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur (1904), depicting organisms classified as Lichenes.)1
15:46, 30 December 2013PillarsMaccla.png (file)Drnhawkins1.97 MB (used with permission taken by Aaron Sens 2003 Arabia)1
22:14, 30 March 2014Dynamite_sticks.jpg (file)Campbell.Soup1.97 MB (Uploaded to Fickr by: Frank Swift Uploaded: October 4, 2011 Several sticks of dead dynamite.)1
01:03, 24 May 2013Doctor_David_Jimenez.JPG (file)Angelita1.95 MB (Jimenez-Celi, David - MD Education : Medical Doctor Institution : University of Piura Medical School, Piura, Pe Board Certification : American Board of Family Medicine Residency : Provident Family Medicine Residency Area of Specialty : Family Medicin)1
21:28, 8 May 2011Habenaria_Radiata_(2).jpg (file)Brians11081.95 MB (Habenaria radiata - repotting)1
00:16, 27 May 2014Pitcher_plant_garden.jpg (file)Alex.peterson1.94 MB (Pitcher plants often have several pitchers, in case one is damaged or becomes aged. (Photo by Adrian Pingstone) )1
02:01, 15 December 2014Great_white_shark.jpg (file)Skylar.lee1.94 MB (Great White Shark)1
05:08, 12 January 2015Armaaaa.jpg (file)SarahMae1.94 MB (Armadillo life cycle)2
06:38, 23 January 2014Psilocybe_mexicana_53966.jpg (file)Aaronpaulson1.93 MB (a psilocybin mushroom)1
11:30, 5 May 2014History_bible_alignment_nomes_egypt_timeline3.2.png (file)Drnhawkins1.92 MB (Egyptian History aligned with the Bible. Correlation with the Abydos and Saqqara King Lists. Inclusion of the Pharaohs of the Second Intermediate Period.)1
12:15, 20 December 2012Closeupmudbricks.jpg (file)Drnhawkins1.92 MB (A close up picture of mudbricks in the Amenemhet III pyramid at Hawara. )1
03:04, 4 April 2014Bottlesofplastic.png (file)Schampier1.91 MB (a picture of bottles of the plastic variant. Photo credit: Ricardo zone41.ne)1
16:59, 7 May 2007Pinus_taeda1.jpg (file)Brianh651.9 MB (Pines in a swamp, Rehoboth 2006, by Brian Gratwicke From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loblolly_pine http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/bb/Pinus_taeda1.JPG)1
15:35, 30 December 2013ArtifactsMtSinai2.png (file)Drnhawkins1.9 MB (used with permission taken by Aaron Sens 2003 Arabia)1
05:33, 11 January 20159460526789_52eb3ce363_o.jpg (file)Erica.s1.9 MB (poor ferret)1
05:43, 11 January 20159460526789_e64e1a3f20_k.jpg (file)Erica.s1.9 MB (an eagle and it's kill)1
23:39, 23 August 2013Laurence_Tisdall.jpg (file)Ashcraft1.89 MB (Laurence Tisdall - president of The Creation Science Association of Quebec. category:creationist category:creation scientist category:biologist)1
12:29, 29 September 2011Imhotep-Louvre3.jpg (file)Drnhawkins1.88 MB (Statue of Imhotep in the Louvre. Imhotep may well have been the Joseph of the Bible. )1
03:13, 4 April 2014Silk_main.jpg (file)Daniel1.88 MB (Silk laced with gold)1
05:42, 16 June 2008Bamboo_scaffolding.jpg (file)Sangkim1.86 MB (Bamboo scaffolding at Amber Fort, Jaipur. Comments )1
16:19, 30 December 2013Artifacts.png (file)Drnhawkins1.85 MB (used with permission taken by Aaron Sens 2003 Arabia)1
16:26, 27 July 2010Beowulf_and_the_dragon.jpg (file)Ashcraft1.85 MB (An illustration of Beowulf fighting the dragon that appears at the end of the epic poem. Date 1908 Illustration in the children's book Stories of Beowulf (H. E. Marshall). Published in New York in 1908 by E. P. Dutton & Company. Originally from en.wikip)1
13:50, 9 July 2014Robert_Carter.jpg (file)Ashcraft1.84 MB 3
00:47, 17 January 2007Sombrerogalaxy.png (file)Tmajor1.83 MB (The Sombrero Galaxy Astronomy Picture of the Day. )1
21:21, 25 June 2009Embryos_Wilhelm_His.jpg (file)Ashcraft1.82 MB (Comparison of a human and a pig embryo. The embryos look remarkable different and contradict Ernst Haeckel's biogenetic law. Date 1891 Source Wilhelm His: Über unsere Körperform und das physiologische Problem ihrer Entstehung, F.C.W. Vogel. Leipzig )1
11:37, 28 August 2013DSC04562.jpg (file)Drnhawkins1.82 MB (The exposed mudbrick core of the Amenemhet III pyramid at Hawara. The limestone veneer has fallen away over the centuries due to earthquakes, erosion and pilfering.)1
08:43, 19 January 20153_of_Tibetan_antelope.jpg (file)Jindi.yin1.81 MB (Little Tibetan antelope)1
02:36, 3 December 2008Right_Whale.jpg (file)Andreej1.81 MB (Right whale emerging out of the water.)1
03:40, 28 February 2008Jumping_MOuse.jpg (file)Etissell1.81 MB (This is a Prebles Meadow jumping mouse.)1
12:01, 21 December 2012EntranceAmenemhetiiipyramid.jpg (file)Drnhawkins1.79 MB 1
04:04, 16 October 2014Samarskite2.jpg (file)Trent.the.Great1.79 MB (Samarskite Ore Taken by: Ian Geoffrey Stimpson Samarskite (a yttrium - niobium (amongst other things) oxide) probably from the type localitiy Miass (Miask), Ilmen Mts, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Southern Urals, Russia. Cotton collection, Keele. Miass, Chelyab)1
15:08, 25 March 2011JcperezBeijing032011partIA.pdf (file)Jean-claude perez1.79 MB (partIA)1
05:55, 29 January 20157198330770_e18e9c01ba_k.jpg (file)Hunterguddal1.78 MB (A roe deer buck that was spotted in very tall grass. Photo by Umberto Nicoletti.)1
12:45, 29 September 2011Imhotep-Louvre1.2.jpg (file)Drnhawkins1.78 MB (Statue of Imhotep in the Louvre Imhotep and Joseph may have been the same person)1
01:35, 3 March 2014MentuhotepII.jpg (file)Drnhawkins1.78 MB 1
12:36, 29 September 2011Imhotep-Louvre-2.jpg (file)Drnhawkins1.77 MB (One of three statues of Imhotep in the Louvre. Imhotep may be the Joseph, son of Jacob, of the Bible who served Pharaoh Djoser in the third dynasty. )1
21:58, 27 May 2013Fraxinus_berlandieriana.jpg (file)Mk.tissell1.77 MB (Fraxinus berlandieriana Supplier: National Museum of Natural History Image Collection Creator: Lin, Ingrid P.)1

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