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Created Kind

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Created kinds are organisms that are defined by creation biology as sharing a common ancestry. The phrase refers to the Genesis account of the creation week during which God created many kinds of plants and animals. They are also referred to as "original kinds," "Genesis kinds," and more formally by creation scientists as baramin. The term baramin was coined in 1941 by Frank Marsh from the Hebrew words ברוֹא, bara (create) and מִין, min (kind). The study of baramin (known as Baraminology) is a rapidly growing field of creation science involved with the identification of the created kinds.
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A star is an enormous astronomical body in space that produces a tremendous amount of light and other forms of energy (i.e. heat in the form of infrared radiation). The sun and most other stars are made of gas and a hot, gas-like substance known as plasma. But some stars, called white dwarfs and neutron stars, consist of tightly packed atoms or subatomic particles. These stars are therefore much more dense than anything on Earth.
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Chicken teeth

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In 2006, scientists researching the effects of a recessive talpid2 gene in chicks discovered small protrusions that revealed the genetic ability to grow teeth in birds. Though many evolutionary scientists cite this study as a momentous victory for the theory of evolution, Creationists too refer to the findings as additional insight into the original creation.
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The Apologetics Symposium is a monthly program in Seattle that is webcast live.

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