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Black sea

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The Black Sea is an inland sea between southeastern Europe and Asia Minor. It connects to the Sea of Marmara to the southwest by way of the Bosporus, and to the Sea of Azov to the northeast through the Strait of Kerch. The Black Sea is bordered by the nations of Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia.


The mostly-saline Black Sea has had a constant steady flow of fresh water, as well as a distinct layer of fresh water on top of the salt water below. At the bottom of the Black Sea acid has been found that is only present in fresh water. With these factors among others, most people agree that the Black Sea was originally a fresh water lake.

Black Sea and the Flood of Noah

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Satellite picture of the Black Sea

There are many theories as to how the Black Sea was formed. One of the more notable theories is that a great mass of water from the flood rushed over the lake so quickly that the salt and fresh water could not mix entirely. Although this is only a theory, there is still enough evidence to theorize possible scenarios and still be able to support them with some historical fact.

Some have offered the explanation that the story of the Biblical flood originates from this local flood. However, creationists contest this view, asserting that Noah would not spend 120 years of his life building a ship when all that was required was to climb to higher ground. Another problem with the "local flood" idea is that is does not well explain why the legends of a global flood are world-wide in almost all cultures.

There are many different legends throughout history relating to a global flood: Indian legends, Irish legends, Ancient Greeks and Romans, the Babylonian's epic of Gilgamesh. Even though these legends come from a true global event, inaccuracies are expected for accounts that are handed down from so many cultures. The Black Sea has long been a historical spot for legends of the flood.

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