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The Creation Wiki is a free educational encyclopedia that has been written from the creationist worldview. The site contains 8,465 articles with 5,890 in the English language. Please consider becoming involved with the development of this international mission by volunteering your time or financial support.
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Haldane's Dilemma

JBS Haldane.jpg

Haldane's Dilemma is a severe limit on the speed of evolution, first calculated in 1957 by renowned evolutionary geneticist, J. B. S. Haldane. The limit is sufficiently slow that it calls into question the “fact” of evolution, or evolutionary genetics as an empirical science. The problem also displays various forms of long-term negligence from evolutionary leaders. Evolution requires the substitution of new beneficial mutation into the population, to create new biological adaptation. Haldane calculated that organisms with low reproduction rates, such as cows, could substitute a new beneficial mutation no more frequently than one per 300 generations.
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Fallen Monarchs 1886 by William Bliss Baker.jpg

Naturalism is a worldview which holds that the cosmos and life came into existence and operate through natural processes alone. The explicit and sole focus on the natural world has driven modern science into accepting naturalism as the predominant philosophy of science. Naturalism does not appeal to the supernatural or nonphysical reality for explanations at any time and because of that many Christian philosophers like Alvin Plantinga, William Lane Craig and Peter van Inwagon have deemed naturalism as maintaining a stronger stance than atheism. According to Plantinga naturalism not only presupposes the non-existence of God but extends over all areas of life answering a range of deep existential questions like how life should be viewed, what the world is fundamentally made of and what the purpose of humanity actually is. From this metaphysical position philosophers have charged naturalism as being a worldview and thus granting the cognitive functions of a religion missing support for only the outward actions of worship and/or ritual.
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Universe cosmology.jpg

Cosmology is a branch of astronomy that deals with the origin, structure and space-time relationships of the universe. Scientific cosmology examines the large-scale structure of the universe on the basis of observation made with optical, radio, infrared, ultraviolet, and x-ray telescopes. It analyzes those results on the basis of our understanding of physics, as tested in the laboratory and against data from the solar system. To creationists this study encompasses not only the observable physical or natural world but also the metaphysical means by which God governs and sustains creation. Cosmology therefore deals with time and seeks to understand God's relationship with His creation, from the beginning to the end of time. The commonly accepted age of the universe is far beyond what a typical creation scientist would countenance. In response, several young universe creation cosmologies have been proposed
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This seminar was recorded July 2014 during the Apologetics Symposium at Cedar Park Church in Bothell WA. The NW Creation Network organizes this monthly educational program at Cedar Park, which features presentations by speakers, scientists, and authors who are dedicated to defending the Bible. These programs are broadcast through live webcast for those unable to attend in person, and the recordings uploaded to our YouTube channel for later viewing.

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Passion flower

Passion Flowers are any of the species of flowers belonging to the taxonomic family Passifloraceae. It has one of the most intriguing, yet beautiful designs of any flower - most notable the bright and rich colors of its corolla. They can be found growing in tropical locations, but with the right temperature, moisture and soil it could grow anywhere. Other than their striking flower, they are perhaps best known for their very meaningful name. Each part of the Passion Flower symbolizes something in Jesus' Crucifixion and can be used to tell the story itself. "And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these." Matthew 6:28-29

Menkaure's Pyramid with Queens Pyramids.jpg

Menkaure's Pyramid

Pyramids of all different shapes and sizes lie scattered across the ancient land of Egypt, some in complete ruins while others withstand the test of time. While there are around 100 pyramids total there are around 17 significant ones that stand out the most through their history and modern day beauty. Because of the vast age of these monuments that were constructed so long ago, it is difficult for archaeologists to pinpoint specific dates and facts pertaining to each one.


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