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Organs and organ systems would be useless until all parts are in place (Talk.Origins)

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Response Article
This article (Organs and organ systems would be useless until all parts are in place (Talk.Origins)) is a response to a rebuttal of a creationist claim published by Talk.Origins Archive under the title Index to Creationist Claims.

Claim CB340:

Organs and organ systems would have been useless until all the parts were in place. The coordinated innovation that they require is too improbable for evolution to create in one step.


  • Plantinga, Alvin, 1991. When faith and reason clash: Evolution and the Bible. In: Intelligent Design Creationism and Its Critics, ed. R. T. Pennock, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2002, pp. 113-145. Orig. pub. in Christian Scholar's Review 21(1): 8-32.

CreationWiki response:

The cited source is not available so there is no way of seeing how accurately Talk Origins is representing the claim, but as written it is clearly an over-generalization. In some cases it is probably true, but in other case it clearly is not the case. The stomach, for example, could function as a food storage pouch without much of the digestive system in place.